The Kiwis At War Series

This collection of experiences is aimed fairly and squarely at Baby Boomers and, just as importantly, their offspring.

The collection hopes to fill a void for many, especially those men and women whose close relatives (often father or mother, or both) played their part in the Second World War but, for any number of reasons, seldom if ever discussed their wartime exploits.

It is possible that such bereft BBs will find within these pages, or those of subsequent Collections, accounts from persons who filled similar roles during the war.

In this way, the reader whether a Baby Boomer or a young person of the 21st century may gain an insight into, an inkling and a better appreciation of, the part played by their forebear or forebears. And, of particular interest in this day and age, what drove those young people to put their lives on the line for king, country, peace, and freedom.

These days we too often hear, "Dad never spoke of his time at war. I wish I had persuaded him to talk. But it's too late now he's passed on and that part of our family history has gone with him".

That is the raison d'etre of the Kiwis At War anthologies.

It has been decided in 2018 to update and re-edit as print versions the Kiwis at War series.

The following books are availabe in early 2019 from many N.Z. public libraries:

1939-40 Part One Navy and Merchant Navy - ISBN 978-0-473-41302-6

1939-40 Part Two Air Force and Civil Aviation - ISBN 978-0-473-42784-9

1939-40 Part Three Army and Others - ISBN T.B.A.

1941-42 Part One Navy, Fleet Air Arm, Merchant Navy - ISBN 978-0-473-42268-4

Kiwis At War - 1939-40 & Earlier

stories from new zealand soldiers, new zealand sailors and aviators during world war two

This 1939-40 & Earlier edition of KIWIS AT WAR is the first in a planned series, to conclude with 1945-46.

When these insights into the various aspects of global warfare were penned, the participants had no idea of their fate or that of the free world. Outwardly, they exuded confidence. Inwardly, many wrote with tongue placed firmly in cheek.

In those early days of conflict, stemming the Nazi tide was the priority, first and foremost. Any thoughts of Victory were but occasional, far-off dreams...

"When New Zealanders were shipped halfway round the world they were ordinary young men from offices, shops, farms and factories neither better nor worse than generations before or since. What happened to them might be of interest to those born since or elsewhere" - this extract from a Note to Ray Grover's splendid Great War epic, "March to the Sound of Guns", remains valid 20 years later, where:

  • young men and women from all branches of the Services, together with selected others, pick up their pens and write home about...
  • action AS IT HAPPENS - or very soon after, and offer...
  • personal glimpses into the cauldron of war, when...
  • drama, humour, grief, pain and comradeship are life's daily ingredients, yet...
  • for most, Death is a constant fellow-traveller. For many, She will beckon...

Kiwis At War - 1941-42

stories from new zealand soldiers, new zealand sailors and aviators during world war two

Kiwis At War - 1943-44

NZ WW2 History - New Zealand Naval History

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